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To provide a sound foundation for future construction professionals, INTECH created what is known as the Loop Program. The Loop affords on-the-job experience in Field Supervision, Pre-Construction, and Project Management for recent college graduates. It provides the newest members of the INTECH team with the opportunity to acquire practical experience in these three vital, foundational aspects of the construction industry, in three eight-month segments.

At the start of each eight-month assignment, participants are partnered with a mentor who coaches them and monitors their progress. Throughout the process, participants receive regular feedback on performance while gaining valuable understanding of the construction management process, as well as the INTECH mission, culture, and vision. At the completion of the three Loop segments, participants will decide, along with input from their mentors and senior INTECH leadership, which specific career path to pursue in one of three INTECH positions: Assistant Superintendent, Level One Estimator, or Assistant Project Manager. Recent graduates of the Loop Program have advanced in their careers at INTECH and continue to be successful in their chosen areas of expertise.