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Our Mother of Sorrows School 2011 Day of Service

INTECH returned to Our Mother of Sorrows School for our 2011 Day of Service to continue our work from the previous year. Our Mother of Sorrows and its sister school St. Ignatius serve approximately 310 students and families in West Philadelphia. In addition to educating children in the community, each month Our Mother of Sorrows serves or delivers over 7000 meals to the community.

With the resources and skills of our employees, and the generosity of several of our subcontractors, we renovated both interior and exterior spaces on the OMS campus. Work included exterior landscaping, repair of an exterior wall in the schoolyard, replacement of floodlights along the perimeter of the school and other campus buildings; installation of new fencing,; building stairs into a basement under the school; building a new storage closet under a stairwell; painting the cafetorium and installing new floor base; repairing weak spots in the wooden floors of the cafetorium; painting the entry way, bathrooms and halls; repairing the bathroom stalls and exhaust fans; replacing door jams and knobs; and repairing windows in the rectory.

“Thank you for dealing with all of the changes through the months, and doing more in a day than we could do in years. … We think, somehow, that you did more this year than last. We’re honored that you continue to work with us, and we’re so happy to have INTECH, as a partner in the community.”
Rev. Jeffrey M. Stecz, Pastor
Sr. Owen Patricia Bonner, SSJ, Principal
Ms. Rosemary Haenn, Vice Principal

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