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Johnson’s Playground and Recreation Center

October 9, 2015

Johnson’s Playground and Recreation Center occupies five acres and has two ball fields, two sports fields, a playground, basketball courts, and a “sprayground”. The Recreation Center building has a multi-purpose room, an arts and crafts room, a computer lab, and a tutoring classroom. The Center is packed with children from the surrounding neighborhood all year long. During the school year they host after-school activities such as arts and crafts, creative writing, Zumba, and line dancing. The Center also provides tutoring and peer counseling for students, anti-bullying programming, and a safe haven for kids until their parents can pick them up. The community is very active and adults utilize the center for meetings, community events, and GED tutoring all year round.

This year's Day of Service projects included, re-grading ball fields, repairing and replacing the bleachers, landscaping and painting walls around the ball fields, building a community garden with raised planting beds, painting the interior and exterior of the Recreation Center building, installing a kitchenette in the multipurpose room, and building furniture for the arts and crafts room, and the computer lab.

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