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Mount Zion Baptist Church

October 14, 2016

The 2016 INTECH Construction Day of Service was held at the Mount Zion Baptist Church in West Philadelphia. The entire staff of INTECH Construction transformed a vacant lot filled with urban rubble left from a former demolition site into “The Big Backyard” at Mount Zion Baptist Church. The Big Backyard project was carefully planned by INTECH’s Day of Service Team, and turned a dirt and rubble lot into a backyard oasis by first leveling the existing area and removing the boulders, bricks, and rocks left from previous demolition. A large footpath was created surrounding an open area where sod was planted by hand, creating a large area perfect for gatherings or summertime movies. A giant sand box surrounded by integrated bench seating was built for kids to be creative; perhaps it will cultivate the next generation of landscape architects. Several handmade picnic tables were placed along the outside of the path for seasonal outdoor food and game events. Ten Adirondack chairs were carefully crafted and placed around a large butterfly garden planter, creating a peaceful conversation and meeting place. Beautiful raised planters were crafted by hand for season after season of gardening pleasure planting vegetables and flowers.

Upon first look no one could have imagined this particular space could be turned into the beautiful garden get-a-way it has become. Members and neighbors were stunned with the transformation. They will be able to enjoy The Big Backyard for years to come, allowing them to connect to the church and to the community it serves. It was a great honor for all of us at INTECH Construction to take part in creating something beautiful for our neighborhood. What was even better was the time we had to spend creating and laughing with our INTECH family and showing off our skills, trades, and abilities we are so blessed to have. Many thanks to Mount Zion Church for trusting us with their backyard. Now on to the next adventure.

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