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Residents and businesses in the diverse communities surrounding our projects are also INTECH clients, and they are important to us beyond just the business relationship. We have learned a great deal about doing better business through our work with members of the local communities in which we build. Prior, during, and after our projects, we meet with community members to address a variety of their concerns and interests stemming from our projects. Our goal is to leave each community better and stronger than the way we found it.

Social Responsibility
Our community efforts are manifested through individual volunteerism, community participation, and corporate giving. A large part of INTECH’s success comes as a direct result of the synergy created through giving back to the communities of Philadelphia. We see ourselves as part of the community.

As part of our work on the Curtis Institute of Music, Lenfest Hall, a community relations plan was implemented that was designed to keep the neighbors and businesses surrounding the project informed of critical milestones and activities of the project. This is an example of how INTECH’s project teams are trained to maintain a level of sensitivity and awareness of the communities where we work.

Day of Service
INTECH'S Diversity Program