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Size14,000 SF
LocationPhiladelphia, PA
OwnerUniversity of Pennsylvania

This fit-out in the Science Center building located at 3624 Market Street is designed to ensure the privacy of each student/patient. With acoustics being a major element of design, special materials were needed to achieve the high NRC levels between offices and common areas. Some of these materials were upgraded NRC ceiling tiles, sound battening door hardware, and full height double-layered insulated partitions. Special care was also given to the mechanical system, with the VAV boxes placed to avoid office locations, and acoustical sound boots used on return air boxes. This required strict coordination between the MEP trades. The project was highlighted by two primary architectural elements. The first is an aluminum/glass partition system used for all the office fronts. The second feature is three separate sky fold partitions. These aluminum/glass folding partitions retract up into the ceiling. When in the down position there are four smaller meeting rooms and when in the up position, these rooms become a large community room that accommodates up to 100 people.