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INTECH’s commitment to best practices in sustainable construction brings short term value to the process of construction and long term value to our clients and their projects. INTECH leads in areas related to construction methods and procurement, managing construction waste, ensuring good indoor air quality during construction, and enforcing on-site management of sustainability practices.

We implement requirements effectively, ensuring the submittal of proper materials from our subcontractors, and enforcing the use of approved materials in the field. We emphasize the importance of compliance with each subcontractor, and we educate subcontractors.

INTECH advises on issues of cost-effectiveness related to individual points on the LEED Scorecard, and we suggest alternate ways of achieving sustainable goals while still earning the points toward LEED Certification.

We bring expertise of the construction angle to sustainability issues for project teams, value that supplements, rather than duplicates, the expertise that the architect and consultants bring to the project team.

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